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Welcome to SportyGo Cricket Academy! Everything Parents & Teachers need to know about SportyGo Cricket Academy is here. We have a professionally qualified coaching team who are dedicated to offering the best cricket coaching to improve and inspire children of all ages and abilities.

Here is a selection of the most common questions asked by Parents & Teachers about SportyGo Cricket Academy and our courses.

Our training sessions are held at the following venues:

For specific details relating training timings, age group, browse of programmes or  email:

Training sessions schedule will depend on your age group, but we hold sessions on weekdays and weekends.

For specific details relating training timings, age group, browse our programmes or  email:

Our academy caters for boys and girls starting at Age 6 all the way through adults.

Yes, we have teams for both boys and girls.

All our coaches are professionals and certified, and include former professionals and semi-professional cricketers.

Full details of all our coaches can be found on our Coaches page

Yes, we have teams that participate in both Singapore National Youth Leagues, Club Leagues, Private Leagues as well as other national competitions across Singapore. We additionally do overseas tours twice a year during the school holiday season.

Yes, to attend one trial session at our academy there is no charge. Please register your interest by filling out our form on the enrolment page.

To join SportyGo Cricket Academy depends on a number of factors, including how many training sessions a week you will commit to as a player.

Additionally, siblings of existing SportyGo Cricket Academy players, are entitled to a 10% discount.

For enquiries relating to fees, and sibling related discounts please visit our programmes page or email with your specific question at

Yes, we our academy teams of all age group participates in various tournaments which takes place in Singapore.

Yes. All our coaches have had basic first aid training and can assist in minor injuries.

RAIN & LIGHTNING: SportyGo Cricket Academy follows the National Environment Agency (NEA) rain, haze and Lightning Warning System (LWS) guidelines.

Even if the area of Singapore you are in has heavy rain please assume that training is always on unless notified through our WhatsApp groups.

In case of rain/lightning the coaches will provide an update to the squad/team at the earliest possible time prior to training about the weather conditions. This will be according to NEA web page as well as when they are on the training pitch.

Coaches will use their own discretion to factor in both the weather and playing field conditions to decide if it is safe to play – even prior to the LWS being activated.

Training will be stopped or suspended if the LWS is activated. It will only resume once the LWS indicates it is safe

HAZE: In case of haze, training sessions will stop in the event the PSI level is above 100.

All of the above measures are put in place solely with the players’ and coaches’ health and safety in mind.

Please fill out the enrolment form on our Enrolment Page

We go by 1:10 (coaches to student ratio) for the under 6s, 1:10 for under 8s, 1:12 for the under 10, 1:15 for under 12/16s.

Class times varies by age group and range. Generally most of our group sessions are 2 Hours.

Classes missed can be made-up provided we are informed first. Make ups must be completed within current term and cannot be carried forward to the next term. Refund cannot be given in place of make up.

Only with the coach’s permission! We typically ask that you attend the first class in the appropriate age group. Only after the coach has met your child and the children in both the current class and the next class/group up can they make an informed decision as to the children’s abilities, demeanor, physical size, and class sizes to determine what class would be best.

  • Payment needs to be made within 2 days of registration.
  • Fees are to be paid before the start their training programme.
  • Our Packages are quarterly, half yearly and yearly, and accordingly it shall be pro rated based on starting date.

There will be NO REFUND for all fees paid under any circumstances. Exception: Relocation out of country.

Participants should wear comfortable sports clothes, (Trouser & T-Shirt), sports shoe & cap. And any cricket equipment if they have. Our coaches will advice after the first lesson on the equipments required etc based on their skill levels. Yes and not forgetting the water bottle.

  • Parents are instructed to drop the kids at the playing area 10 minutes before the start of the lesson to facilitate the smooth running of the lesson.
  • Parents are not allowed to be present near the area where the sessions are being conducted.
  • If parents wish to interact with the coach, you can do so at the end of the training session.

Please note SportyGo strictly does not accept any cash payment. All payments should be done against the invoice via online / cheaque or bank transfer. Parents/Students are strictly advised not to make any payment to any coaches and all payments must be ONLY made to SportyGo Pte Ltd account details as mentioned in the invoice.

Whilst reasonable precaution will be taken by the SportyGo Cricket Academy and/or its agent/s to ensure the safety of participants, all participants understand and agree that they take part in the Activity as their own risk.

I confirm and agree that SportyGo Cricket Academy and/or its agent/s will not be held liable by me for any personal injury or death arising from participation in the Activity or for any loss of or damage to their property arising from their participation in the Activity.

SportyGo Cricket Academy seeks your utmost understanding/co-operation in the above-mentioned matters. SportyGo Cricket Academy reserves the right to edit and amend its Policy as and when it deems fit. SportyGo Cricket Academy reserves the right to accept, reject or terminate any person from its programme. Any circumstance beyond the control of a party, which delays, interrupts or prevents the event/activity, shall be deemed to be an event of “Force Majeure”. Such circumstances shall include but are not limited to breach of the peace, epidemic, flood, fire, explosion, rain, lightning, storm, sabotage, power failure not due to either party’s fault, act of God, strike, picketing, lock-out and act of government authority. Should the event have to be cancelled due to an event of Force Majeure, SportyGo Cricket Academy shall not be in default and members shall not be entitled to any refund, compensation, damages or any other recourse against SportyGo Cricket Academy.