Let me make it clear more info on composing a review

Let me make it clear more info on composing a review

A review (or critical review) is to not be seen erroneously as a literature review. A ‘critical review’, or ‘critique’, is an entire form of text (or genre), talking about one specific article or guide at length. In certain circumstances, you may well be expected to publish a critique of 2 or 3 articles ( ag e.g. a relative critical review). In comparison, a ‘literature review’, that also has to be ‘critical’, is really a right section of a larger variety of text, such as for instance a chapter of the dissertation.

Most of all: Read your article / book as numerous times as you can, since this can make the review that is critical easier.


Study and Make Notes

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Once you are aware of the written text, take down notes on a number of the after questions. Select the questions which appear suitable:

  1. What type of article could it be (for instance does it provide information or does it present purely theoretical arguments)?

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